E2 Mindfully Leading

On this first episode of the “Business Bestie" segment, Anyelis interviews one of her personal Business Besties - mindfulness expert, therapist, business owner, podcaster & community builder, Vanessa de Jesus Guzman. Vanessa shares her business journey, how practicing mindfulness positively impacts her business & personal success, and how you too can invite kindness & curiosity in simple ways. Anyelis and Vanessa also discuss how the practice of mindfulness raises our emotional intelligence and improves how we show up as small business leaders. Stay tuned til the very end for a guided mindful moment. Remember, though entrepreneurship can feel lonely and like a constant grind, you don’t have to do it alone. Let’s POP! KEY POINTS: - Vanessa shares her 20yr journey in education and 9yr path to private practice - Mindfulness vs. Meditation and Mindful Living - How mindfulness increases your emotional self-awareness so you can choose whether to have a response or a reaction - Mindful Moment Meditation QUOTABLES: “Mindfulness= Paying Attention to the Right Here & Right Now with Kindness & Curiosity and without judgment” -Vanessa “Entrepreneurship flexes you like nothing else which is why it’s so important to practice mindfulness.” -Anyelis “I never thought then that 3yrs later, I would be where I am now, although working by myself… finding pockets of business besties to help me on this journey and not feel alone and really reach more success should I have done it by myself.” -Vanessa RESOURCES Learn more about Emotional Intelligence: https://www.propelonpurpose.com/eq Check out Anyelis & Vanessa having a deeper conversation about EQ on Vanessa’s podcast, Free to Be Mindful: https://www.freetobemindful.com/podcast/139 Check out the full story of Free to Be Mindful: https://www.freetobemindful.com/podcast/149 CONSULTATION Ready to maximize your people resources? Email Anyelis at [email protected] to schedule an HR Consultation. LET'S GET SOCIAL Follow Vanessa & Free to Be Mindful on social media: IG | @counselorvdejesus @freetobemindful @amigamoms Podcast | @freetobemindful LinkedIn | linkedin.com/in/counselorvdejesus Follow Propel On Purpose on social media: IG | @propelonpurpose FB | facebook.com/propelonpurpose LinkedIn | linkedin.com/in/propelonpurpose Follow POP’s Founder, Anyelis Cordero on social media: IG | @anyeliscordero.mhrm LinkedIn | linkedin.com/in/anyeliscordero