Welcome to the Propel On Purpose Podcast!

If you're a small business owner, you spend all of your time pouring into your business + team. Who pours into you so that you can perform to your greatest ability AND feel happy navigating the journey of entrepreneurship? WE DO. Hola & Welcome to the Propel On Purpose Podcast! I am your host, Anyelis Cordero - former HR leader turned Leadership Coach, National Speaker & Founder of Propel On Purpose Coaching & Consulting, where we provide HR Solutions for Small Businesses to hire and build high performing teams + leaders. I created this podcast as a way to pour into other small business owners. My guests and I will share resources + tools to help you profit with purpose, take better care of yourself, grow as a leader and have authentic conversations about the challenges & joy of betting on yourself + your big dreams. Think of this as a cafecito date with your business bestie who never gatekeeps, shares the tea & hypes you all the way up - think of me, as your HR Business Bestie! Remember, though entrepreneurship can feel lonely and like a constant grind, you don’t have to do it alone so get ready to POP! Follow Propel On Purpose on social media: IG | @propelonpurpose - instagram.com/propelonpurpose FB | facebook.com/propelonpurpose LinkedIn | linkedin.com/in/propelonpurpose Follow POP’s Founder, Anyelis Cordero on social media: IG | @anyeliscordero.mhrm - instagram.com/anyeliscordero.mhrm LinkedIn | linkedin.com/in/anyeliscordero