E6 Wealth Healing for Founders

Let’s talk MONEY! Anyelis and Cecilia Hernandez have a very candid and vulnerable conversation about the psychology of money, our emotions tied to money and the connection to how we manage our money as small business owners.


Cecilia shares how her personal journey of growing up on “survival mode” - facing challenges like homelessness, food insecurity & other traumas led her to feel an immense pressure to succeed and provide for her family. Ironically, even after checking all of the boxes along the path to success and when she was at the peak of her corporate success, she didn’t feel financially secure. That’s when her healing journey began and she connected the dots between her personal & professional experiences to serve others. And Wealth Healer was born!


Wealth Healer, is a financial services company that bridges the gap between finances and wellness by equipping founders, business leaders and corporate employees with tools, guidance and community to achieve lifelong financial harmony.


Cecilia has ten years of experience in finance and accounting across the advertising, healthcare, and fintech industries. She holds a bachelor's degree in Mathematics from New York University. Her personal journey as a first-generation college graduate and her commitment to becoming a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) drive her mission to empower others in creating and preserving generational wealth, one mindset shift and financial plan at a time.


If the numbers aspect of running your business intimidates you, if you avoid look at the numbers or if you simply want to cultivate a healthier relationship with how you manage your finances, this episode is for YOU. Stay tuned in all the way to the end for a powerful exercise to start healing your money mindset.


Remember, though entrepreneurship can feel lonely and like a constant grind, you don’t have to do it alone. Let’s POP!



-The psychology of money and importance of working on your money mindset as a small business founder/owner

-How to establish a solid financial foundation for your small business

-The difference between making money and creating generational wealth

-How our unprocessed traumas - money related or otherwise - show up in our business if we don’t work on our healing

-It’s just numbers so when we shift the stories we created around the numbers, we untap our potential to multiply those numbers

-Short exercise to start healing your money mindset



“Growth looks messy.” -Cecilia

“Making money isn’t the same thing as building wealth.” - Anyelis

“..being able to say, Cecilia has my daily operations but I can make these financial decisions and know how I can grow my business…and that has been such a transformative experience because now they’re really in control…it’s so beautiful to watch.” - Cecilia



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