E5 Protecting Your Small Business

If you have a business, you absolutely need an attorney as a Business Bestie! Tune into this important conversation with Elissa Hecker of Elissa D. Hecker Law Firm who is the Go-To General Counsel to small business, solopreneurs, and entrepreneurs as well as entertainment counsel in the performing and visual arts, as well as for authors.


Anyelis and Elissa both provide foundational services (HR & legal, respectively) and discuss how they get to know founders and their businesses intimately in order to apply & customize their expertise to their specific needs.  As business owners, they share the importance of working with a trusted board of advisors, consultants and experts to handle aspects of the business so that as the owner, you can focus on your zone of genius.


Anyelis and Elissa both share DIY examples with legal and HR documents that lead to problems for businesses down the road, emphasizing the importance of having the right structures in place.  Elissa provides many pearls of legal wisdom related to protecting your personal assets, intellectual property and agreements with clients.


If you’re starting a business or have an established business, you should make sure that all of the fundamentals are correctly established; tune in to have have your cup poured of legal knowledge! 


Remember, though entrepreneurship can feel lonely and like a constant grind, you don’t have to do it alone. Let’s POP!



-What, how and why founders should work with an attorney to establish their business

-Importance of having a corporate entity to avoid personal liabilities, operating agreements, services agreement for clients, independent contractor agreements, and more

-Insights into the 3 basic buckets of intellectual property protection

-Quick checklist of items that all businesses should have properly vetted by an attorney




“A contract is the roadmap to the relationship…a meeting of the minds…everybody agrees to the terms and you don’t have to worry about it.” -Elissa

“Cost cutting in the beginning might just turn into higher costs later on.” - Anyelis

“When you’re operating a business, you have to know when to delegate and when not to.  If you try to do everything anyway, you’re not going to do everything well and you’re certainly not going to be able to devote the time to do what you want to do in your business.”  -Elissa 


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DIY’d your legal documents by using templates you found online? Connect with Elissa to avoid future legal issues.   https://www.eheckeresq.com/ website



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