E4 Stop Being a Soyla; Lead with the 4P's Aligned

On this specialty episode, Anyelis explains the role of an HR Business Partner or as she prefers to call it, HR Business Bestie. She then discusses a common challenge that small business CEO’s face when their business grows - the SHIFT from Individual Contributor to Leader. Anyelis shares the Propel On Purpose 4P Framework that she uses to understand businesses and provide strategic HR Solutions to help grow and increase the 5th P - Profit. If you’re that small business CEO who is used to being a SOYLA - soy la ceo, soy la sales team, soy la marketer, soy la customer service (aka playing all of the roles in your business) but you’re getting ready to hire employees OR you already have employees but you still take on some of their tasks, you need to tune into this episode! Remember, though entrepreneurship can feel lonely and like a constant grind, you don’t have to do it alone. Let’s POP! KEY POINTS: - An HR Consultant is a strategic partner who understands your business AND provides the people solutions -Your business growth requires you to grow out of the individual contributor mindset -Lack of clarity and strategy will make running a business feel like you’re driving a bumper car -The 4P’s are foundational and prevent you from thinking like an individual contributor QUOTABLES: “When you have a clear vision and strategy for your business, the right people in the right roles, clear and easy processes to manage your employees and their performance - you can’t stay in the individual contributor mindset because you know exactly what and how you’re growing your business.” - Anyelis RESOURCES Having a hard time hiring or managing people for your business? Schedule a free 45min HR Consultation so we can recommend the right solutions for your business: https://calendly.com/propelonpurpose/hrconsultation CONNECT Follow Propel On Purpose on social media: IG | @propelonpurpose FB | facebook.com/propelonpurpose LinkedIn | linkedin.com/in/propelonpurpose Follow POP’s Founder, Anyelis Cordero on social media: IG | @anyeliscordero.mhrm LinkedIn | linkedin.com/in/anyeliscordero